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Guildford Grove Primary School and Nursery

A culture of achievement where all can succeed

Lighthouse Staff

 Teachers of the Deaf:

Lucy Richardson   [Team Leader: Learning for Deaf Children/ KS2 Teacher of the Deaf]

Melanie Harrington  [KS2 Trainee Teacher of the Deaf]

Alice South [Foundation & KS1 Trainee Teacher of the Deaf]

Siobhan Walsh [Foundation & KS1 Teacher of the Deaf]

 Specialist Speech & Language Therapists:

Kate Green & Jodie Fuller   

Specialist Teaching Assistants [Deafness & Disability]:

Bron Buxton

Ali Daniels

Chloe Davis

Tracy Davis

Abby Day

Louise Dyas

Helen Hill

Hannah Knell

Tania Parslow

Thea McConnell

Jane Sells

Philippa Rees

Anita Roffey

Hazel Williams