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Guildford Grove Primary School and Nursery

A culture of achievement where all can succeed

Lighthouse Staff

 Teachers of the Deaf:

Lucy Richardson   [Team Leader: Learning for Deaf Children/ KS2 Teacher of the Deaf]

Melanie Harrington  [KS2 Trainee Teacher of the Deaf]

Alice South [Foundation & KS1 Trainee Teacher of the Deaf]

Siobhan Walsh [Foundation & KS1 Teacher of the Deaf]

 Specialist Speech & Language Therapists:

Kate Green & Jodie Fuller   

Specialist Teaching Assistants [Deafness & Disability]:

Amy Astley

Bron Buxton

Ali Daniels

Chloe Davis

Tracy Davis

Danielle Davies

Abby Day

Louise Dyas

Esther Ferguson

Helen Hill

Hannah Knell

Tania Parslow

Thea McConnell

Jane Sells

Lucy Radcliffe

Philippa Rees

Anita Roffey