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RED NOSE DAY 2019 (86 images)

The Little Red Robin (6 images)

Christmas 2018

Christmas Lunch (2 images)

Christmas Lunch

Pets at Home (9 images)

Lighthouse Trips

Lighthouse Trip to Broadwater Park 2018 (7 images)

Painshill Park September 2018 (6 images)

Lighthouse trip to Painshill Park, September 2018 Our Lighthouse children in Years 1, 2 and 3 enjoyed a visit to Painshill Park to visit the Crystal Grotto to learn about caves as part of our topic work linked to Stone Age times. We had glorious autumn weather for our exploration of the beautiful park grounds and the grotto.

Lighthouse Trip Broadwater Park (7 images)

Lighthouse trip to Broadwater Park, October 2018 Our Lighthouse children in Years N, 1 and 2 had an action packed morning visit to Broadwater Park to learn about a park environment as part of our literacy work linked to Percy Park Keeper texts. We used I Spy checklists to observe features of the park, made bark rubbings and collected samples of leaves and chestnuts for our nature tray. It was exciting to observe squirrels hiding chestnuts for the spring. We explored a fallen tree and enjoyed a visit to the play area before returning to school.

Wizard of Oz July 2018 (40 images)

Year 3 trip to Haslemere Museum (8 images)

On Thursday 15th March, Year 3 visited Haslemere museum. The museum has a real life mummy from Ancient Egypt and the children were able to witness this! We learnt about the mummification process- it's pretty gory, the brain was removed with a long hook and fed to the cats! We loved this fact. In the afternoon, we mummified our own dolls and took these home to show our families. We are basing our literacy work around Ancient Egypt for the rest of the term as we've learnt so much from this trip. 

18.12.17 Lights, Camel, Action! (18 images)

Butser Farm Year 3 29.11.17 (6 images)

Year 3 Farm Trip

5.12. 2017 Year 5/6 Athletics Competition (3 images)

Year 5 & 6 Athletics Competition

Year 3 & 4 Dodgeball Tournament (2 images)

Guildford Grove Dodgeball Tournament

Year 4 Athletics Competition (3 images)

Guildford Spectrum Athletics Competition

2.11.17 Year 2 trip to British Wildlife Centre (82 images)

Mrs Walsh's House and Allotment (17 images)

Our youngest children in the Lighthouse had an action packed morning visiting Mrs Walsh’s home and allotment. We used the opportunity to learn vocabulary linked to our topic on Homes. We visited different rooms to name them and we talked about the furniture. We were excited to meet Mrs Walshs’s pets and to collect some eggs from her hens. At the allotment we observed a well in action which we have read about in a Percy the Park Keeper text. We helped to pick cucumbers, yellow courgettes and rhubarb, this will help us understand what ‘harvest’ is . We all tried to lift up an enormous pumpkin but it was too heavy! Instead we chose an orange squash which we will use to make some soup when we cook. Finally, we picked some flowers for the classroom before we came back to school. We had a fun morning and learnt lots of new things!

Hairspray - 2017 summer show (39 images)

Lighthouse visit to the allotment. (38 images)

Year 4 trip to The Lookout Discovery Centre (19 images)

Year 3 trip to Watts Gallery (99 images)

Lighthouse Sports Activity Week (19 images)

trips week 2017

Year 5/6 rugby tournament (26 images)

Year 3/4 netball tournament (13 images)

Red Nose Day 2017! (26 images)

Foundation trip to Westborough Woods (34 images)

Year 4 trip to Painshill Park (29 images)

23.03.17 LEGOLAND Year 2 (213 images)

Year 5 basketball tournament February 2017 (9 images)

Wonderful World Week 2017 (27 images)

Reception - Having lunch and playtime! (93 images)

Reception Christmas performance Whoops-a-daisy angel (10 images)

Christmas at Park Barn Day Centre (13 images)

Harvest at Park Barn Day Centre (10 images)

KS1 The Very Hopeless Camel (15 images)

Year 5 residential to Sayers Croft (52 images)

Anti-bullying week (16 images)

Year 4 trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace (37 images)

Year 4 had a great time at Fishbourne Roman Palace on Wednesday 2nd November 2016. We explored the museum and found out so many interesting facts about Roman life. Whilst undertaking our workshop, we even dressed in Roman tunics and took part in many activities such as designing mosaics and using Roman writing implements. We were lucky enough to see the mosaic designs uncovered by archaeologists at the palace and take in the magnificent designs. It was a great day and we look forward to using what we have learnt back at school.

Year 3 trip to Butser Farm (14 images)

Year 3 enjoyed a fun-packed day at Butser Farm in Waterlooville on Thursday 17th November 2016. 3H and 3R set off in search of new learning about the Stone and Iron Age. Butser Farm showed year 3 what it would have been like to live back in time, the round houses were built without windows and the toilets were VERY basic! Stone Age life seemed fun, but without warm clothing like ours, we wondered how they kept warm-then we spotted the open fires in the centre of the houses. We completed some archaeology, chalk carving, wattling (starting to make a Stone Age wall) and spinning wool. The whole year group enjoyed the trip so much that we’d love to return next year!

Year 2 trip to The British Wildlife Centre (44 images)

What an amazing trip! We had a lot of fun seeing lots of different British animals. Some of our favourites were the red squirrel, Flo the fox and Kevin the barn owl. We learnt lots of interesting facts too. Please take a look at our lovely photos which captured the essence of our brilliant day!

Superhero day (15 images)

We dressed up as superheroes to raise money for a local charity, Shooting Stars Chase!

Year 3 Flint making (9 images)

Year 3 kicked off their topic of ‘Tools from the Past’ by making a Stone Age Tool with our resident archaeologist Mr Thomas. The children observed Mr Thomas making a stone age axe, using knapping, a technique the Stone Age people would also have used. The children loved the real life experience and the year 3 team are very grateful to Mr Thomas for his time and expertise!

Book week October 2016 (28 images)

The children enjoyed many exciting activities during this year's book week including a drama workshop with the Shakespeare Theatre Company , reading buddies, story swap, dress the door and 'Dress up as a book character day'

Broadwater Park (29 images)

2016 - Wales (598 images)

Bockett's Farm (15 images)

The Lighthouse at High Ashurst (19 images)

A morning at Tescos (7 images)

Westborough Woods (15 images)

Broadwater Lake (23 images)

2016 Rocket Seeds Phase 1 (22 images)

Planting our seeds

2016 Y5/6 Netball at Tormead (55 images)

2016 - Y5/6 Rugby at Christ College (27 images)

Shakespeare Performance Year 5 & 6 (30 images)

A local charity have funded a Shakespeare performance and workshop for Year 5 & 6. The Guildford Shakespeare Company have worked with the school in the past. They put on a wonderful performance that all of the children enjoyed and participated in.

2016 Y5 and Y6 Football - Sandfield (22 images)

Pirates (18 images)

Pirates (14 images)

The Rainbow Fish (14 images)

25.01.16 Maths day (140 images)

A whole lot of fun!

19/01/2016 Maths day in Years 3 and 4 (10 images)

Photos from 'Maths Day 2016'

14.01.16 Learning in Year 2 (33 images)

Making potions, fractions and rhyming words

Christmas celebrations! (13 images)

Apprentice Week 2015 (69 images)

The children in Years 5 & 6 become entrepreneurs for a week and put on a cake sale.

KS1 Nativity 2015 (16 images)

Tea Party in 2P (31 images)

Year 4 trip to The Lookout Discovery Centre (12 images)

KS1 Year 2 visit to the British Wildlife Centre (134 images)

If I were a book! (13 images)

Dress the Door! (5 images)

Book Character Winners 2015! (13 images)

Our annual book character dressing up day did not disappoint!

Extreme Reading 2015 (32 images)

During Book Week the children (and teachers!) were asked to read in some extreme places. Once again, the children amazed us with some extraordinary reading spaces.

Peace at Last (21 images)

The Three Little Pigs (13 images)

Superhero Day September 2015 (38 images)

On September 25th, we held our annual 'Superhero' day. The children were encouraged to dress up as a superhero for the day and bring in 50p for charity. The day was a lot of fun and the children looked fantastic in their costumes. We saw some excellent original superheroes including 'Ice cream man' and 'Bubble wrap man'. In the end, we raised £201.97 for Shooting Star Chase Hospices who help support children with life limiting illnesses.

Grease 2015 (39 images)

To the moon and beyond! (9 images)

3.07.15 KS1 Sports Day (185 images)

A fantastic morning of sport!

A win at Guildford's inter schools football tournament (2 images)

Last week we entered a year 5 and a year 6 team into a local schools tournament at Charterhouse School (26.06.15). The boys played excellently and secured a large number of goals! After being entered into the plate play offs, both teams were successful and came home with silverware.

Guildford Grove are year 3 and 4 Dodgeball chamions! (7 images)

2 Guildford Grove teams attended a dodgeball competition at Kings College on Thursday 18th June 2015. After a fun filled afternoon one of the GG teams was victorious and secured 1st place winning gold medals!! Well done to all of the children who attended and a special well done to the winning seven!

2015 KS2 Sports Day (12 images)

26.06.15 KS1 Feeling Good Week (73 images)

26.06.15 2P Visit Tesco (20 images)

Farm to Fork during Feeling Good Week

2015-Photography Club Summer 2015 (12 images)

Wales 2015 (562 images)

Our lovely Y6s having a whale of a time in Wales. The photos are in order of camera so are a little bit jumbled!

2015 PTA Summer Fayre (14 images)

04.06.2015 KS1 visit Brighton Beach (50 images)

KS1 had a brilliant day in beautiful Brighton!

Pizza Express Trip (41 images)

Our skilled Lighthouse cooks enjoyed pizza-making in a real restaurant.

Lighthouse Look Out photos (19 images)

Chessington Zoo and Sealife Centre (18 images)

Airhop Trip (24 images)

We had a fantastic time learning how to Trampoline at Airhop.

KS2 Dodgeball Festival 2015 (40 images)

KS2 Oval Trip (43 images)

23.04.15 KS1 Spring Concert (20 images)

Spring concert

2015 Let's Grow (28 images)

24.04.2015 Apollo visit (5 images)

German Shepherd visits Year 2 children to inspire writing.

Wonderful World Week (38 images)

A selection of photos from Guildford Grove's 'Wonderful World' week

Earth, sun and moon (20 images)

Exploring Westborough Woods (10 images)

3.03.15 KS1 Alice Holt (34 images)

A trip to the woods

Practical maths (10 images)

Lighthouse Foundation Maths

KS2 Lighthouse go riding (15 images)

A colourful start to the year! (9 images)

Reception Trip to Park Barn Day Centre - Christmas 2014 (43 images)

Some children in Reception went to the Park Barn Day Centre to sing some Christmas songs to the elderly.

Christmas Performance 2014 - The Sleepy Shepherd (72 images)

Here are the children in their costumes!

Lighthouse Chistmas Party 2014 (33 images)

2014 KS1 The Little Red Robin (36 images)

The Little Red Robin can't remember the words to a very important message that Angel Gabriel gave to Mary.

2014 PTA Xmas Fayre (31 images)

PTA Christmas Fayre

Christmas Jumper Day 2014 (74 images)

This year, held our first ever Christmas Jumper day to raise money for Save the Children charity.

Key Stage 2 Autumn Riding (4 images)

The Lighthouse Christmas Tea Party (13 images)

Key Stage One Horseriding (4 images)

Design and Bake - Halloween (9 images)

A taste of India (34 images)

KS1 Windsor Castle (29 images)

Year 3 / 4 London Trip (15 images)

Class 4C's Photos (taken by Kayleigh Bond)

Little Lighthouse Little Red Hen (4 images)

INSTRUCTIONS Horse riding (27 images)

RESPECT Diwali (20 images)

Dress the door! (14 images)

Every year we dress our door to look like our Book Week theme. Have a look!

Extreme Reading! (29 images)

We asked the children and staff to read in some extreme places!

Book Character Winners! (14 images)

On the Friday of Book Week, the children of Guildford Grove disappeared and we were graced with the presence of hundreds of well-known book characters! We had witches from Macbeth, Horrid Henrys and many more! Have a look at our class winners...

Guildford Shakespeare Company workshops! (20 images)

A few snaps from our workshops during Book Week!

Harvest Celebrations (58 images)

Lighthouse Harvest Assembly

Foundation Trip to Park Barn Day Centre (26 images)

Superhero Day (9 images)

Year 3/4 trip to the River Wey & Dapdune Wharf! (17 images)

We had a lovely time on our trip to the River Wey last week as part of our topic this term- check out our pictures!

Guildford Castle 29/09/14 (18 images)

Bugsy Malone 2014 (29 images)

Bugsy Malone Pictures from the end of year production by Years 5/6

Sports Day - Key Stage 2 (35 images)

Key Stage 2 Sports Day

A Day in the Life at Guildford Grove School (37 images)

A Day in the Life at Guildford Grove School