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Wales Update - Day 3

Day 3 brought another blue sky and it was with big smiles that we headed out into the Dare Valley County Park for a walk. We made our way through the forest and found a lovely spot near the lake to enjoy ourselves. Dare Valley is a beautiful place and the children enjoyed being out in the fresh air and having plenty of space to run about!


After an early lunch, we jumped onto the coach and set off for an afternoon of surfing in Porthcawl. Nigel and the team at Adventure Wales welcomed us when we arrived and quickly kitted the whole group out with wetsuits. Then we hopped back on the bus and made our way to Aberavon beach, just a few miles away.


The tide was out, the sun was out and the surf was up! The children had the most wonderful afternoon of surfing and body boarding; everyone loved the water, which was not actually that cold, and the air was filled with laughter and smiling faces.


It was an absolute joy to see the children having such a great time and the values that we hold dear to at Guildford Grove(teamwork, perseverance, support, encouragement, resilience) shone through as the children enjoyed their time at the beach.


We returned to the hostel sandy, happy and ready for dinner! Once again, frank and Sam had prepared a feast for us and the children enjoyed another delicious meal.


After an action packed day, movie night was a welcome chance to relax. As we giggled our way through the Minions film, the girls enjoyed having their hair plaited by their teachers. Indeed, Mrs Siddons, Mrs Cover, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Day and Mrs Davis not only put many a plait into the girls’ hair but some of them also enjoyed having their hair done by the girls!


The children have been absolutely wonderful and they are very much looking forward to an exciting day of gorge scrambling on Thursday.