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Jolly Jam Jar



Friday 23rd November


All your child has to do is decorate a jar, fill it with goodies such as sweets, stickers, toys or anything (new) that will fill the jar. In return, the children may wear their own clothes to school. All jolly jam jars will be available to buy at our summer fair and money raised will be put towards our school wish list. Thank you for your support.


How to make a jolly jam jar! 


 Firstly find a jar of any shape or size, but not a cooking sauce jar, and wash it


 Next fill the jar with either wrapped sweets, toys, stickers, bath bombs, hair bands or anything else that will fit into the jar.


Then decorate your jar. You can decorate your jar in any way you like.  This maybe with wrapping paper, stickers, paper mache, the list is never ending.  Be as creative as you like.



Finally bring your jam jar to school with your name and class attached.