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School Dinners

Aspens Select Ordering Update


Dear parents/carers,


We are writing to inform you that you will shortly receive your child’s unique code and school code from our new catering contractor, Aspens, which will enable you to register and order meals.

Aspens are holding a parent introductory meeting on Monday 26th  March between 2.15pm and 3.15pm in the school hall, where they will provide;

  • An introduction to the company
  • An opportunity to ask questions about the menus
  • Assistance with using the select ordering system

We encourage parents to attend this meeting in order to get support on how to use the new online system.

All pupils will need to be registered to select a menu choice. Credits will need to be purchased in advance for parent paid meals.

If your child is entitled to universal infant free school meals or free school meals then you just need to register and select your menu choice.

If you have not registered or selected a meal it is expected that you will be providing a packed lunch.

All meals can be ordered on the day up to 9am, if your child is absent then you must also cancel by this time, otherwise credit will be taken due to the costs incurred to prepare the meal.

We hope this system is both clear and easy to use, giving the parent/carer complete control.

Many thanks,




Rona Mackie






  Dear Parents/Carers,


Changes to school dinner

 As mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter, we will be changing the company that provides our school dinners after Easter from the 16th April.

 Please find attached a letter from both the school and the GEP explaining the changes to our catering provider.

 I have summarised the key information that all parents need to know below.

  • The cost of a school dinner will remain the same at £2.25.
  • Parents will now need to pay and select meals for their child through an online selection system.
  • Details about this new online system will be coming out shortly as well as dates of briefings that will be held before the end of term to support parents with the new system.
  • Meals will need to be paid for in advance through the online system.
  • If a meal is required for that day, it will need to be ordered before 9am.


Kind regards,



Rona Mackie




New Catering Provider

Dear Parents/and Carers

We are writing to inform you of changes to your school’s catering provider.

Headteachers of all four primary schools within GEP academies have selected an innovative new catering company to provide meals for our pupils, staff and visitors.

The new contract will start on the 1st April, with the first meals being served on the 16th April 2018.  The new contract will offer our schools several benefits.

  • An exciting dining experience for the children, with new menus and a fresh approach to school lunches. Meal price will be £2.25.
  • A new system for selecting and paying for meals, with an online selection /payment portal for parents and staff (more details will follow in the coming weeks).
  • Reduced administrative burden for schools, enabling us to allocate time to more value-added services for our children and staff.
  • An investment in catering facilities (signage, serving equipment etc).


Aspens was chosen by your Headteacher for their innovative and inspiring presentation of tasty, nutritious food and following excellent client references and a detailed tender specification.

You will receive details of the new select ordering system in the coming weeks, with full guidance and information given during briefings held in each school.

We welcome your child to join the exiting catering provision in the summer term.

All existing catering staff will be offered the opportunity to transfer to the new catering provider, who have good training and staff welfare practices.

We are looking forward to forming a lasting and excellent working relationship between our schools and Aspens.