At Guildford Grove we are pleased to offer a free breakfast club for all our pupils,  available from 8.15am, in the small school hall.  Parents are asked to stay with children in Year 1 and under.  Items are also available for parents to purchase.

The breakfast club is funded by Greggs.  The Greggs Foundation oversees over 380 clubs, providing a nutritious breakfast to over 22,220 school children each day, over 4 million each year!!!

Everybody knows the benefits of a healthy breakfast, but not every child gets one before the start of the school day.

Evaluations of breakfast club schemes have uncovered the following key benefits of breakfast clubs:
  • Children have improved health and nutrition.
  • Children have improved attendance and punctuality.
  • Children are able to socialise and make friends.
  • Children have better relations with school staff.
  • Parents are less wary of school and are more likely to attend parents evenings.
  • Children are able to concentrate better and results are improved.


Important additional information

Breakfast club opening hours  8.15am-8.40am

Gates open 8.15am – a member of staff will be on the playground to greet the children and parents. The gate will remain open for 10 minutes and locked at 8.25am.  After this time there will be no admittance to Breakfast club.

A register for parents and children will be taken at the gate.

Parents and children to walk across the school playground and enter breakfast club at the small hall door.

School gates unlocked at 8.35am for all other children and parents not attending breakfast club.

At the end of breakfast club – 8.40am- children will sign out and will walk to their classrooms via the main school hall. Parents will sign out and leave the school by the door onto the playground.

We respectfully request that parents do not walk through the school building at this time.


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