Reception Trips

Reception pupils took a trip the local woods to enhance their learning on ‘Journeys and Adventures’. They have been reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and used this story inspire tehri own woodland adventure.

During their learning on religious celebrations, Reception learnt about Advent and the significance of a Christingle at the local Church. They made their own Christingle in a workshop.

Year 1 Trips

Year 1 pupils visited Milestones Museum to learn about toys in the past.

Year 2 Trips

Year 2 went to Marwell Zoo to see endangered animals like the Amur tiger and the red pandas.

They have been to Spectrum to compete in sports activities against other local schools. It was great to see our pupils work so well within the team.

The pupils visited Guildford Cathedral and learnt all about why Easter is important to Christians.

As part of their history learning ‘What is a monarch?’, the pupils have been learning about Norman castles and William the Conqueror. They visited Guildford Castle and were fascinated by the stone walls and what the castle looked like when it was built hundreds of years ago.

Year 3 Trips

Year 3 pupils visited Butser Farm as part of their history learning to find out about how people lived in the Stone Age and Iron Age. The children learnt how to wattle a fence, create art work using a piece of chalk and the handled a range of artefacts.

They have also visited Haslemere Museum to see an Ancient Egyptian mummy and learn about the mummification process.

Year 4 Trips

Year 4 pupils had an amazing time when they visited Dr Chocs in Windsor, the world’s smallest chocolate factory. They learnt all about the journey of chocolate from pod to product. They loved making their own chocolate bars and eating them too!

Year 5 Trips

Year 5 pupils went on their residential to Sayers Croft and took part in a range of outdoor activities. They did lots of team building tasks and explored the local wildlife and pondlife. They even went caving!

Year 6 Trips

Year 6 pupils went to Hampton Court Palace to bring their history learning alive. They learnt about life at a Tudor court and the jobs that young children did which they found very  fascinating. We think they prefer being children now than in Tudor times!

The pupils had the opportunity to visit Kings College to learn how to draw with the bestselling award-winning children’s book author and illustrator Rob Biddulph. This inspired many of the children to write and illustrate their own stories.

Some of our pupils visited RGS (Royal Grammar School) to take part in a maths quiz.

Year 6 pupils thoroughly enjoyed their visit to London and had fun exploring the Science Museum. They also went to the theatre to watch Wicked, which was brilliant.

Lighthouse Trips

The Lighthouse have visited Philip Southcote School’s Design and Technology department to design and create vinyl skins to personalise their radio aids. Many of our deaf pupils use radio aids which help overcome problems such as background noise and distance between the child and the speaker. The children had a great time and thanks to CSSEF for funding these. Our Lighthouse children took part in @panathlonchallenge Discovery Swimming Gala at the Aquatic Centre in London against other deaf pupils. They were delighted to have had the opportunity to meet the Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley!