Curriculum intent statement:

At Guildford Grove, our curriculum develops language, ensures learning sticks and places reading at its heart.

The whole school have worked collaboratively to create a bespoke curriculum which meets the needs of our unique school community. Each half termly topic has been carefully created to ensure our school priorities are reflected within our curriculum.

Our progressive curriculum has been designed to ensure we capture our pupils’ natural curiosity, develop their love of learning, expose them to high quality texts and make it memorable. In every year group, in every half term, our pupils will

  • experience an exciting hook to immerse them in the new curriculum area,
  • learn new sticky knowledge to ensure they retain key information,
  • develop their subject specific vocabulary and
  • work towards a shared goal to make learning meaningful.

We have designed our curriculum to be broad and balanced as well as prioritising key curriculum areas. Each topic has a ‘driver’ which indicates the leading subject for the topic. The drivers have been selected to meet the needs of our pupils. Meaningful experiences are integral to our curriculum as they develop our pupils’ cultural capital.  

We believe it is important to develop the ‘whole child’ so that every pupil can succeed. Respectful relationships underpin all that we do. Our ‘Good Learning Habits’ promote resilience, collaborative learning and encourages our pupils to become lifelong learners.

Our inclusive school celebrates diversity. Deaf culture is integral to life at Guildford Grove, and we have made the innovative decision to teach British Sign Language to pupils in every year group.

 At Guildford Grove, we expect our pupils to achieve the highest standards. Core subjects are an important part of our school day to ensure pupils can access the full curriculum and are well prepared for their next stage in education.