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Guildford Grove Primary School  is a member of the Learning Partners Academy Trust, based in the South of England. The trust brings schools together so they can thrive and enable their pupils to become the best they can be. As indicated in the name, Learning Partners wholeheartedly embraces the educational qualities of both learning and partnership. Its mission is to create a love of learning in the lives of pupils, and to encourage partnership and collaboration because we achieve more when we work together.

Ambition for all
We will always strive for excellence – in every school, for every child.

Better Together
We will collaborate and work in partnership with others to improve outcomes for all.

Learning that Inspires
We will enable everyone to access inspirational and thoughtful learning, stretching
their horizons.

Brave Innovators
We will restlessly pursue creative and innovative ways of enriching the education of
all children.

Guided by Integrity
We will be open, transparent and make decisions fairly.

Learning Partners Website Links

For Further information, please visit the Trusts homepage : learningpartners.org

Who we are and what we do?

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Our Vision, Mission and Values

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What we spend and how we spend it?

For the Trust Annual Reports and Statutory Statements, please click here

For the Trust Impact Report, Please click here

What are our priorities and how are we doing?

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Financial Information

We must publish certain financial information which is also available on the Learning Partners Academy Trust website.  There is also a requirement to declare if we have any payroll employees have a gross annual salary of over £100,000 plus benefits.  Guildford Grove Primary School can confirm that we do not have any employees this applies to.

Articles of Association

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Funding Agreement

The Learning Partners Academy Trust has a master funding agreement which is available on their website, for the specific funding agreement for our school, please click here

Charity and Trustees and Members Information

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